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Charles Frontera of Clear Sight Optical

I came to Computing Technologies in 2015 after my company website was compromised.  Corey was able to get my website back up and running in a relatively short time and at a price that was better than I was expecting to pay for that type of service.  He continues to follow up with me periodically to make sure that my needs are being met.  I now have a functioning website for my customers that gets the attention it needs from Computing Technologies.  The folks at Computing Technologies know exactly what they are doing and are willing to work with me whenever I have an problem or an issue.  I would highly recommended these guys to anyone needing IT services!


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Kristin Medynski of Nu-Look Contracting

Computing Technologies is a great company to work with.  I previously worked for a company that used Computing Technologies and they were always there when we needed them and very nice, polite and quick to fix the issue.  When it came time to open our own business, I called Computing Technologies and asked for them to please help us set up our office.  They helped from installing computers, software, printers, and helping me pick a fax service and also a Company that we could use for storing data.  Anytime I have a problem they are quick to help.  I send a ticket and within no time at all they are helping me.

They are a great, knowledgeable group and are quick on their toes.


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Carol Sinzheimer of Premier Apartment Staffing

Premier Apartment Staffing Services has worked with Computing Technologies for the past 7 years. Computing Technologies is outstanding with knowledge, ability to solve all issues within a 24-hour turnaround, ability to fix any issue whether it is with the computer, server, backup system, etc. with 100% satisfaction.


Computing Technologies has proven over and over that they have excellent client service and can get the job done and will not have to redo work as it is done right the first time. There has never been a time that an issue could not be resolved.  They are experts in their field.  Computing Technologies has upgraded our system to be efficient and operating very smoothly.


Premier has a high regard for the expertise and efficiency of Computing Technologies. We would certainly welcome being a reference and would highly recommend Computing Technologies for any IT services.


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Daniel Lichocki of A-Line Staffing Solutions

Being a fast growing company we always look to partner with vendors that are able to scale with our needs. When we initially put out the RFP for our information technology services, Computing Technologies was one of three companies that scored extremely well. We ultimately decided to partner with them not only because of their knowledge and experience but more importantly the personal service level we received. Since our partnership began in 2014 Computing Technologies has provided us with solutions to integrate all our branches with corporate, upgrade our e-mail service, implement a new server, and plenty of other ways to become more efficient and protected. For us, Computing Technologies has been an ideal partner. I recommend them with confidence!


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John Ratti of North Roofing

Our company changed our IT support in 2015 to Computing Technologies, and it was the best decision of the year. We now enjoy an excellent response time to any computer problem which are few since they took over all the proactive maintenance and on-demand support. We needed a new server and they got us what we needed at a great price. Productivity in our office has improved and best of all our costs have decreased from previous years. Computing Technologies has handled all our IT support in a professional manner.


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I was referred to Computing Technologies, Inc. by two of our current customers, who recommended them highly.


Birmingham Executive Suites is a shared office facility. Among our many services is providing secure and safe internet access to our tenants. We also offer access to common shared peripherals, like printers, but at the same time, must maintain office-wide computer privacy.

As a small business, cost is a crucial component for information technology, as is privacy and security. Once a relationship is established, it is important to be able to call upon our IT company with little notice, to repair issues quickly and ensure little or no interruption to our tenant’s businesses.


Corey DeGrandchamp and Computing Technologies, Inc. fit the profile perfectly. When we called/emailed he arrived promptly and fixed the issue quickly and efficiently. He was willing to share certain expertise, so we might be proactive about fixing problems as they arise. And, when asked, he provided an explanation to clarify why the problem arose in the first place. This adds up to a trustworthy, time conscious and efficient company, who I don’t hesitate to recommend to my tenants and others.


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I am the President of a multi-branch financial firm which is a business heavily reliant on technology.  We are a paperless organization with a centralized server.  One morning we started to experience a slow down with our server.  We weren’t worried because the server had redundant drives and a real time back-up system.  Within minutes of first noticing the slow down, the server powered down.  The power supply had failed leaving us in the dark.  Our network administrator found that the power supply in our server had experience a catastrophic failure that sent surges throughout the server.  The surges fried enough of the redundant drives that the data on them appeared to be permanently inaccessible.


To further complicate the issue, as a financial firm our back-up system was encrypted and required the software to recognize the proper drive configuration of a majority of the drives before it would unlock the data for restoration.  This was a software flaw that wasn’t apparent until you searched the blogs regarding this type of software.  Since most of the drives had failed, and the server’s operating system had to be rebuilt from scratch, the original drive configuration was permanently lost and the back-up was locked.  Our network administrator who is highly experienced in financial firm computer systems worked on trying to unlock the data for days with no success.  Our offsite physical backup was being utilized but almost two weeks worth of work was no longer available to us.  Additionally, low priority items were not included on our offsite backup as we relied on the real time backup for non-mission critical information.  Although non-mission critical, these items were the result of hundreds of hours of effort compiled over the past 8 years and still had value to our organization.


With all of our traditional restoration options exhausted, we reached out to colleagues in the financial industry for referrals to specialists that might be able to help.  A local, trusted, professional was a requirement due to the sensitive nature of our data.   One of the referrals given to us included Corey DeGrandchamp with Computing Technologies.  Corey was out to our site within hours of our call.  He approached our situation with a comforting optimism and professionalism worthy of respect.  He immediately offered a plan that might provide us with access to our encrypted backup.  We approved his proposal and within hours we were getting progress emails that he could start to recognize the data on the backup.  In under 48 hours our drives were fully populated with the backup data that was up-to-date right up to the point the server failed.  He initially suggested we would probably recover about 80% of the data, however, upon analysis, over 99% of the data was restored.


When it comes to specialized service, I would immediately recommend Corey and the team he is part of for difficult situations.  Not only was he professional and courteous, but in the end, the costs were very competitive with online discount data recovery services.


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Sara Tubbs of Foreman Brothers

Computing Technologies Inc. has been providing our IT services and support for the last six years. Corey and Michael do a wonderful job of quickly responding to any question or service issue we may have. They provide knowledgeable, straightforward and ethical support.  It is always a pleasure to work with them, and we are always thankful for their continued expertise.


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Ed Brabandt of Systematic Manufacturing

Computing Technologies Inc. has, and continues to exceed our expectations of IT professionals.


At SMI, we rely heavily on our computing systems and require them to be functioning and running optimally throughout our work day, every day. We’ve made a decision to use them exclusively for all of our computing and IT needs.


Recently, our website was maintained and managed by another organization. After unresponsive service and our contact forms failing to deliver messages and product orders, the decision was made to make Computing Technologies our web address host. Within 1 hour, Computing Technologies was our host and had the website functioning properly. They worked through the evening running system tests to ensure our site was fully functional, and it was. They also specified and completely implemented a new server. They continually maintain, back-up data, and ensure that all of our devices are connected and functioning properly. When a service request is submitted for support, we always receive a response within 10 minutes. The customer service is incredible.


Computing Technologies’ responsiveness and knowledge make them SMI’s choice for all of our computing needs. They keep us fully operational.


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Steve Posey of Posey Transport Group

We’ve been using Computing Technologies since 2009 and havebeen a very satisfied customer.  Their response time is usually within five minutes within regular business hours and they have helped us after hours as well.  They’ve come to our rescue on numerous occasions with situations such as removing viruses and recovery from ransomware that encrypted files in the past.  When we have urgent situations, they make themselves available remotely and onsite if needed.


Computing Technologies works with us as a team to help us achieve our desired results.  They are very knowledgeable and clearly explain different options that will get us to our goal.  As our business expanded, Computing Technologies helped us install a new server and email system to support our growing needs.  They always find a way to make things happen quickly without prolonged business interruption.


Their services are invaluable to us and would highly recommend them.  They’ve always provided quick, friendly and professional service.


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Raymond Campbell of Mastermind Solutions

I have been working with Computing Technologies since the early 2000s. In that time I have experienced the usual computer glitches regarding upgrades and general maintenance. The reason I am writing is that the responsiveness of Corey and his staff, to our concerns, is always immediate. From upgrades to general maintenance Corey makes it a point to be here to make sure we do not have an interruption in service. He also makes it a point to visit each staff member and ask if they have any questions or concerns regarding their individual desktop and or programs. Exceptional technical abilities combined with superior customer service is why Corey, and Computing Technologies is not your typical  “company computer guy.”


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David Hamilton of Hamilton Chevrolet

Hamilton Chevrolet has been using Computing Technologies as our exclusive IT provider since at least 2008, and could not be happier with the level of service they provide.  Corey, Michael and team are very knowledgeable in a dynamic field of business requiring constant education (a difficult feat to achieve with the ever-changing landscape of network technology, security, malware, viruses, trojans, phishing, etc.).


Their dedication to excellence makes Computing Technologies a team that does not disappoint.  In the rare instance of an emergency, they are here right when we need them with a quick solution to our problem, and their proactive recommendations are timely and make our day to day that much better.  I highly recommend you give them a try, you will be very satisfied!


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