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E-Mail Encryption

Secure E-Mail

Computing Technologies offers a number of encryption features. It is fully integrated with a cloud-based email encryption service for outbound email. E-mail that matches policy or is marked for encryption via an Outlook add-in is sent securely via TLS to the encrypted message center. Your customer will receive a fully branded message asking them to read your encrypted e-mail.

The encrypted message center uses AES with 256-bit keys to encrypt email. To encrypt email traffic between sites over the Internet, we support SMTP over TLS. This can be used between other email servers that support SMTP over TLS.

1-10 Users

$ 35 Month

11-25 Users

$ 50 Month

26-50 Users

$ 60 Month
Features Encrypted E-Mail
Inbound E-Mail Filtering (Optional)
Outbound E-Mail Filtering (Included)
265-Bit AES Encryption
Branded Messages
Quick Setup

We have implementation specialists ready to get you started or answer any questions.